Protein Smoothie

A high protein smoothie recipe obviously calls for a scoop or two of a protein powder supplement. Having a look online or in your local supplement store will show just how many different varieties of protein powder there are. Everything from whey, soy, casein, pea to rice and on. And to throw another variation into the mix, there are also blends of protein powders, with and without sugars, some sourced from grass fed dairy or non-GMO soy etc.

I will show you how to choose the right protein powder and can also share my experiences. Some protein powders will tell you all the benefits and amazing claims that just simply aren’t true. Don’t worry though not all protein powders will make outrageous claims and are actually full of exactly what you need.

Whey Protein

Whey protein supplements are probably the most popular and widely available forms. Whey is derived from cow’s milk. It is classed as a complete protein meaning that it contains all nine essential amino acids (which are the amino acids that your body cannot make on its own). Whey can enter your blood quicker than any other form of protein and contains the highest levels of leucine. Leucine is perfect for fuel a heavy weight training session and the gym and also help with muscle recovery and repair. Whey is the most effective protein powder, according to studies, for building muscle, so if that is your main goal, make sure you consume this protein powder within an hour after exercise.

Choose Whey Protein for:

  • Increasing protein intake
  • Build or maintain muscle tissue

What to look for in a Whey Protein Supplement:

For the highest protein content look for a whey protein isolate or hydrolysed whey protein as these usually contain 90%+ protein. The most common and best priced is a whey protein concentrate which will contain around 80% protein and can come from organic grass fed cattle which will contain zero trace of hormones, pesticides or grain feed by products.

My best choices are MuscleFood’s Free Range Whey Protein 85 Concentrate or a blended protein option being USN Pure Protein IGF 1.

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